Russian military-technical cooperation with Kyrgyzstan

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Bishkek, March 13, 2018 / Kabar /. Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted an agreement for ratification to the State Duma between the Russian Federation and Kyrgyzstan on development of military-technical cooperation. Information about this was published in the electronic database of the lower house of parliament.

The document signed in Moscow back in June 20, 2017 determines the procedure for mutual deliveries of military products.

According to the explanatory note, they "will be carried out under contracts concluded by authorized organizations, without issuing licenses for import (export) of military products," TASS stated.

The supporting documents also stress that "the agreement envisages establishment of a favorable regime for cooperation in the development, production, operation, repair, modernization, extension of use, as well as the utilization of weapons and military equipment."

Ratification of the document does not require additional appropriations from the federal budget.


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