284 candidates run for 125 seats in Turkmenistan’s Parliament

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On 27 February the registration of candidates running for Parliamentary elections was completed in Turkmenistan with elections scheduled to be held on 25 March.

A total of 284 Parliamentary candidates were nominated. Moreover, candidates running for members of Khalk Maslakhaty (People’s Council) were nominated, including velayat Khalk Maslakhaty – 489 candidates, etrap and city Khalk Maslakhaty – 2.570 candidates, as well as Gengeshi members – 13.215 candidates, the state information agency TDH reports.

«All candidates were nominated on free and equal basis, the nomination and registration procedure was transparent and the requirements of national legislation were complied with», — the news outlet reports.

The campaign propaganda and the coverage of election campaign in media outlets will last until 23 February 2018.

It should be highlighted that the Mejlis of Turkmenistan is comprised of 125 members who are elected for a five year term at single-mandate election district.


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